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The Hotel

At the beginning of the 20th Century,the wealthy industrial family Rumler decided to build their family country villa on the spot of the future “Waldhotel”. Why not? It was an excellent place for the family “nest”: an open field on the ancient hill of “Am Quecken”. Surrounded by old oaks, facing the magnificent view of the picturesque Eifel mountains. The building was erected between 1905 and 1908. Following completion the Rumler family moved into their new home.

Unfortunately by 1930 the Rumler family were forced to sell their property and the villa was put up for auction. The local talented entrepreneur of those years, Hubert Roth, the owner of a local hardware and household store bought the Rumler property. His successfully run store still exists today, the business continuing in the hands of the Roth family. In the years following 1930 the previous Rumler property served many different purposes. For example, as administrational offices for Münstereifel and in later years for military administration, continued to be used by British military officers between 1945 and 1947.

Getrud Brezing, Hubert Roth’s daughter, inherited the property, and she and her husband Curt Brezing moved into their home in 1947. Eventually after renovation work, they began their successful business as a guest house. There followed two extensions to the original building in 1959 and 1969. In 1967 Münstereifel was awarded the official title of Bad Münstereifel. The Brezing family extended their business offering Spa facilities following the “Kneipp-Method” medical health treatments.

Following their retirement, Gertrud and Curt Brezing rented their property to the nearby Law School for student tuition and accommodation. In 1988 Hubert Brezing, Gertrud Brezing ‘s son, and his wife Vivienne then continued the business as an hotel. Twenty years later the hotel has changed owners again. The new owners look forward to a successful hotel business and meeting many new guests. Welcome to the “Waldhotel”!