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Bad Münstereifel

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Askyourself, wouldyouliketogetinto a civilization of the pastto seemedieval monasteries and convents, castles and small romantic towns? Or would you like to live in the atmosphere of the Roman Empire, which has almost a 2,000-year history? Ifyouransweris “yes”, thancometo Bad Münstereifel- the town located on the slopes of the Eifel Mountains, it is a place where the history has settled forever and where you are always welcomed.

“TheEifelis absolutelyunique”, one cosmographer wrote one hundred years ago. And we can be sure of that as he travelled throughout the world. Locatedamonghighmountainsandlowhills,Bad Münstereifel,probably rather than any other town of the state,retained its medieval character, remaining a well-preserved architectural masterpiece of its time.

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InBadMünstereifelyou will plunge into a magic atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Wherever you set your eyes on you will find visible signs of the Roman influence. Everystonehere –beitastonefromthe vallum builtbytheRoman, or astonefromthe pavement under your feet –is acultural monument and to walk along the town streets is like going through the museum halls.ThehistoryofBadMünstereifelstarted in 830, when amonastery was founded in the Eifel forests.In 844 the church was named after Chrysanthus and Daria, the Christian saints, therelics of whom are rested there. Later (in the 12-13thcenturies) a three-aisled basilica with three towers was built at the place of the monastery chapel. This holly place became the town-forming element afterZwentibold, the King of Lorraine, granted the monastery the right to conduct trade and collect taxes.  Thus near the monastery there appeared a settlementwhich grewyear after year. Atpresentthe Church of St.Chrysanthus and Daria(Stiftskirche) hasbecomeanimportantpilgrimage center in the Eifeland far beyond it. Anda monument with a fountain was erected on the market place in the honor of KingZwentibold.

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YoucanrestandrelaxsittinginaverycomfortablecafeneartheErft, a crystal-clear river running through the town, with small restaurants and attractive shops located on its banks.

Readourarticleandyouwilllearn whatBad Münstereifel can offer you. Youwill get interested inthetown, itshistoryandtheEifelwith its unforgettable natural landscape in the valley between the Erft and theAhr and you will surelywish to visit it.

Allyearroundin Bad Münstereifel youwillenjoyfresh mountain and forest air staying in a place located at the ideal height from 200 to 600 mover the sea level. Constant average annual temperature and the silence of the evergreen forest contributetothebestconditions for living. TheEifelMountainsare really beautiful because there the unique nature perfectly combines with the quiet atmosphere of the purity and the peace.Anddoyouknowthataccordingtothedataoftheclimaticreportprepared by specialists the environmental conditions of the place are considered to be ideal for living?

In 1870 Friedrich Joseph Haass, a Russian doctor, knownasthe “holydoctor” was born inBadMünstereifel. Haasswasa man of amazing kindness and nobility. In 1998 amonumentto himwaserectednear the town hallinBadMünstereifel. ManypeoplewholoveandrespectdoctorHaasswish to visit the native country of this generousand wise man.

InBadMünstereifelyoucanvisitthe Doll and Toy Museum and the Pharmacy Museum.Besidesyoumightbeinterestedtoseeasmallbrewery. Thebearthereisbeingbrewedin front of your eyes and you can try it right fromthe beer tanks. Thereisamustardplantnearbywhere you canwatch the mustard being manufacturing manually. And of course you will be allowed to taste this masterpiece. AverypopularplaceofinterestinBadMünstereifelis Heino cafe, a café of a famous Germanfolk and pop-singer. This cozy place attracts many of the singer’s fans. FromtimetotimeHeino himself welcomes the café guests and treats them to his original cake.

Enjoy life! Come to the WaldhotelinBad Münstereifel!